• Certificate based
  • The tenor can be for a period of 12 months up to a period of 60 months

Project Financing/Manufacturing/Construction (Istisna’)

Istisna’ contract refers to an agreement to sell to or buy from a customer a non-existent asset which is to be manufactured or built based on the specifications outlined by the ultimate buyers at an agreed pre-determined selling price and to be delivered on a specific future date. Type of development includes housing, construction of commercial and industrial building/project.


  • Earn profit on maturity;
  • May apply for other banking facilities;
  • Choice of renewing the principle plus profit;
  • Can be pledged as security for other facilities.


  • 18 years and above  and has the capacity to contract;
  • Government departments, businesses, associations and co-operatives;
  • Customers who are looking for higher returns.







How to Apply / Documents Requiredinvestment-inner2.png

  • Application to be made in person
  • Complete the relevant application form with our experience investment managers