Dahabshil Bank International Hajj &Umrah Saving Account is an ideal deposit product for customers who wish to save for the purpose of performing the Holy Pilgrimage. Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam, is compulsory for all those who can afford such pilgrimage. No single event in the life of a Muslim is more spiritually uplifting and rewarding than to embark on the journey of Hajj.

It will be structured based on Sharia compliant contract of QardulHasan (profit free loan). DBI Hajj &Umrah Account holders will be able to get a QardulHasan loan if they save at least 50 % of Hajj or Umrah expenses. Account holders will not be able to withdraw funds from their accounts during the agreed period (1 year to 2 years). Furthermore, customers have the added comfort of saving by paying in monthly installments.


  • QardulHasan (profit free loan).
  • Minimum Opening Balance USD 60
  • Once a Year Withdrawal
  • Tenure: From 2 years up to 8 month before Hajj. Ideally, to start in the first month on Hijri Calendar (Muharram).



  • Easy to Open and Operate
  • Monthly payment installments
  • Competitive Foreign Exchange Rate
  • Marketing material (brochures, bags ect)
  • Free Somtel-Sim
  • Free Electronic Bank Statement
  • Access through E-Dab services
  • Grace period on repayment during Pilgrim Duration





  • Valid ID or passport
  • Completed account opening form
  • One passport size photograph
  • Guarantor ( Damiinul Mall)
  • Introduction letter from local government / employer, proof of address.
  • Proof of income if self-employed, with 3 months bank statements