Dahabo Account


Dahabshil Bank International believes that women’s financial empowerment is essential. Dahabo Account is specially designed for our female clients and offers the opportunity to get specialized consultation and advice on financial planning,  special profit rates on accounts (Mudaraba Fixed deposit, current and savings accounts). In addition, the card offers a discounted profit rate on foreign exchange services, safety deposits, money transfer and investment accounts.

Advantages of Dahabo Account:

  • Better rates on, Safety Deposits, Account (savings, mudaraba fixed deposit, investment, money transfer)
  • Free cheque books, no application fees for accounts
  • Supervision of Businesses
  • Accesses to businesses training
  • Access to Micro-Dahab investments
  • Offer advisory services such as business planning, financial training as well as connectivity/networking’ to be services of great value


  • Completed account opening form
  • Two passport size photograph
  • Guarantor ( Damiinul Mall)
  • Introduction letter from local government / employer, proof of address
  • Local ID/Passport, International Passport
  • Proof of income if self-employed, with 3 months bank statements
  • Dahabshiil Remittance Account number