About Us


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Dahabshil Bank International (DBI) is a fully-fledged Sharia compliant bank licensed by the Central Bank of Somalia. Incepted in 2012, our primary markets are in East  Africa, Middle-East, Western Europe and North America. We combine world-class customer service, the highest ethical standards of Sharia and the latest technology, to bring cost-effective products and services to our customer. DBI is all about accountability, integrity and profitability! Our dedicated team and networks are committed to provide accessible and affordable sharia compliant financial solutions to our customers.

DBI operates in an important and rapidly growing East Africa niche market, with presence in all Somali regions. Throughout the years, we have shown impressive growth in terms of balance sheet size and networks. Also, the increasing demand for our products is a testament to our success.



Our Brand

Our brand reflects the new aspirations of Africa – young and vibrant, on its route to success and we are a part of it! Our logo encapsulates growth and prosperity. Embodied with our long heritage, we are firm and dedicated to provide best in class sharia compliant solution to our customers


To offer the highest standard of banking services to our customers, achieve the highest return on capital among while having a maximum development impact on the community.


We succeed by focusing on three key objectives: Accountability, Integrity and Profitability.

Accountability comes from selecting world-class people, processes and technology; we maintain a solution-oriented culture where top performers are rewarded.

Integrity is a result of upholding Sharia principles, which we consider as universal values that benefit our customers.

Leveraging our platform over a large market share in our key markets; our proven ability to provide inclusive and socially responsible banking services beyond traditional customers is one of our competitive advantages.

Values Statement

Key values underpin all our work. It starts with Sharia compliance, which means interest free banking, treating customers as investors and sharing profits with them. Second, we are driven to contribute to the local and regional communities that we serve by increasing access to bank accounts and connecting the region to the international financial system. Third, transparency is an integral part of our operations, both towards regulatory bodies and towards our customers.


DBI feels a keen sense of responsibility to contribute to the communities that we serve.

  • Improving access to banking for rural and low income urban populations.
  • Providing a vital link from the Horn of Africa to the International Financial System.
  • Meeting the financial services needs of International Development and Humanitarian Organisations operating in the Horn of Africa region
  • Contributing to appropriate charities in the Horn of Africa and in countries with a significant presence of Horn of Africa Diasporas

The bank is firmly opposed to any discrimination on the basis on ethnicity, religion, race or culture. Dahabshil Bank International will continue to uphold universal values of solidarity, inclusiveness and protection of the environment.